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Calling AI-based Startups! OpTeamizer and ROAD2 Unite to Fuel Innovation and Accelerate Growth

Haifa, Israel - May 21, 2023

OpTeamizer, a Preferred Partner of NVIDIA, and ROAD2, the innovation center owned by MATI Haifa and NVIDIA, have announced a strategic collaboration to provide comprehensive support for AI-based startups. With their combined expertise and resources, OpTeamizer and ROAD2 are committed to nurturing innovation and empowering startups on their transformative journey to develop groundbreaking products and services.

Startups are invited to leverage the strengths of OpTeamizer and ROAD2, which offer unparalleled assistance in navigating the dynamic landscape of AI-driven technologies. By aligning with OpTeamizer and ROAD2, startups gain access to invaluable support, enabling them to overcome complex challenges and bring their innovative visions to life.

Tomer Gal, Founder and CTO of OpTeamizer, highlighted the diverse range of support the organizations provide, stating,

"Startups come to us at different stages of their business lifecycle and may require AI development, R&D, and AI network selection, so we work to develop high-quality solutions that meet each company's unique requirements."

This tailored approach ensures startups receive the necessary expertise and guidance to propel their ideas forward.

Yaakov Diminsky, the CTO of ROAD2, emphasized the criteria for partnering with startups, saying,

"We want to collaborate with startups that have a strong team and technological ideas capable of solving business problems. We aim to create relevant connections and develop their ideas into Minimum Viable Products (MVPs) that can prove themselves in the market and attract funding."

Through this partnership, ROAD2 aims to assist startups in transforming their concepts into tangible products that demonstrate market viability.

OpTeamizer and ROAD2 have a longstanding collaboration rooted in fruitful and intensive work over the years. This partnership has built trust and fostered valuable friendships and opportunities for joint investment in business development. Ethan Kyiet, CEO of ROAD2, noted:

"We take great pride in driving the growth of startups by leveraging an array of powerful tools. Our arsenal encompasses cutting-edge on-premises supercomputers and strategic collaborations with esteemed individuals and companies specializing in the dynamic realm of AI".

The alliance between OpTeamizer and ROAD2 represents an unwavering commitment to pushing the boundaries of possibility in the AI industry. Through collaborative synergy and steadfast support, they encourage startups to revolutionize the world with their transformative solutions.

The organizations are currently seeking innovative startups to join their AI program. With a successful track record of supporting over 100 companies, some of which have raised substantial amounts of funding, reaching tens of millions of dollars, OpTeamizer and ROAD2 invite startups to become part of their team and take advantage of the opportunity to achieve ambitious targets.

For more information about the collaboration between OpTeamizer and ROAD2 and to submit your startup for consideration, please click here.

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