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THE DIGITAL & AI STORM - STEERING THE FUTURE: The Israeli Committee of Information Technology

Israel stands at the forefront of global innovation and is preparing for the leading technological business conference of the year, THE DIGITAL & AI STORM - STEERING THE FUTURE. As we embrace the digital age, this event provides a unique platform to discover, learn, and network with innovators and industry leaders.


A Gathering of Minds in THE DIGITAL & AI STORM

The conference anticipates over 3,000 participants from high-tech, academia, government, private, and other sectors. Beyond its plenary session and eight distinct professional tracks, the event is a place for those keen to shape the future and engage with industry leaders.

Diving Deep: Core Tracks of THE DIGITAL & AI STORM

In a constantly evolving digital landscape, THE DIGITAL & AI STORM - STEERING THE FUTURE seeks to address the most pressing topics, challenges, and opportunities technology professionals face today. Here is a glimpse into the range of subjects that will be under the spotlight during the conference:

  1. Digital Health

  2. IT Infrastructure and Cloud Computing

  3. Cyber and Information Security

  4. Data, Innovation, AI, and ML (Machine Learning)

  5. The AI-Driven Future of HR

  6. AI Projects and Development

  7. Innovative Technologies in Learning

  8. Finance Meets Technology: Fintech

Advantages of the Development and Deployment of GenAI Solutions by Tomer Gal

Among the distinguished speakers, a leading Israeli AI expert, Tomer Gal, will headline a session on the benefits of developing and deploying GenAI solutions. Tomer is the CTO and Founder of OpTeamizer, the Chairman of the AI Forum within the Israeli Hi-Tech Association, and an Evaluator for the Israel Innovation Authority, where he appraises grant applications submitted by AI startups. In addition, Tomer is an Artificial Intelligence Lecturer in the academy, in the High-tech industry, and NVIDIA's lecturer for GPU development and AI." Given his deep expertise and pivotal role in the AI landscape, his insights promise to be enlightening and transformative.

Mark your calendars for Tomer's insightful session on the "Advantages of the Development and Deployment of GenAI Solutions." Join us at THE DIGITAL & AI STORM - STEERING THE FUTURE to be at the forefront of Israel's tech evolution. See you there!

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