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New AI Platform for Smart City Management to be Unveiled at GITEX Global 2023, Dubai, 16-20 October

OpTeamizer and Adlis Smart Join Forces for a Brighter, Sustainable Urban Future

As the countdown begins for GITEX Global 2023, the tech world is abuzz with what promises to be one of the most anticipated events this year. Celebrating its 43rd edition, GITEX Global isn't merely a tech show but a convergence point for innovators, tech enthusiasts, and businesses from around the world. This year, the scale is larger than ever, spanning 41 halls and two mega venues. This expansion is underscored by the addition of GITEX IMPACT and Future Urbanism, heralding a new era of innovation that promises to introduce some of the world's most groundbreaking urban tech products

GITEX Global has established a reputation for merging technology with practical business solutions, thereby fast-tracking future urbanism and shaping economies and societies. The 2023 edition is especially significant as it spearheads the global race for AI supremacy, uniting world-leading tech enthusiasts, researchers, inventors, and developers.

GITEX Global 2023 Dubai

At the heart of this tech revolution is the strategic partnership between OpTeamizer, an NVIDIA Preferred Partner known for its advanced AI solutions, and Adlis Smart, the pioneering company behind a range of eco-friendly, solar-powered urban products.

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Adlis Smart: A Vision Realized

Established in 2015, Adlis Smart aimed to redefine urban life through technological innovation across three branches. The company boasts a portfolio of cutting-edge smart city products.

Teaming up with WEIYIN in 2019 for product construction and housing a dedicated laboratory in Israel for product development, Adlis has become a global force. They cater to a diverse clientele spanning 65 countries, underscoring their commitment to transforming global urban landscapes.

Powering the Urban Future at GITEX Global 2023: OpTeamizer's AI Platform

The collaboration with OpTeamizer brings a new dimension to Adlis Smart's offerings. The AI Platform developed by OpTeamizer controls every smart product with unmatched precision. This platform redefines predictive maintenance capabilities in smart cities by integrating cutting-edge AI algorithms. The in-depth AI data analysis promises substantial reductions in maintenance costs and offers operational efficiency unheard of in the industry.

A Glimpse into the Future Urban Experience at GITEX Global 2023

The upcoming GITEX is a window into a world where urban life and tech seamlessly blend. Imagine the joy of capturing city moments without the looming dread of a dying battery. With Adlis Smart, one can rest on a solar bench, recharge, and relish the cityscape. With over 50 products to be showcased, this GITEX promises an urban experience like no other.

Alliances with companies like OpTeamizer, Watergen Ltd, Urbantech, and The Solar Range further highlight Adlis Smart’s vision for a comprehensive, sustainable future.

GITEX Global 2023 isn't just another tech event; it's the threshold to tomorrow. And with OpTeamizer and Adlis Smart set to unveil their collaborative AI Platform, the horizon of future urbanism is promising and dazzling.

We're excited to share the future of AI with you. Let's connect now if GITEX Global doesn't fit into your calendar. Your business transformation is just a click away.

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