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Now we are part of Deloitte's Family.

OpTeamizer business was acquired by Deloitte
and now we are part of their Data & AI practice.

Notable Media Quotes


“They work really closely with Nvidia’s CUDA stack,” [Jim Rowan] said. “They can help optimize AI models for running on Nvidia GPUs, where, in the market today, a lot of AI is running. Really, what they're doing is these high-performance optimizations where millisecond lags really actually change how something would perform in the marketplace, such as when you work with clients in things like manufacturing environments, computer vision environments, where you need to process things very fast.” 

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"As Generative AI transforms the way we work, Deloitte has continued to invest intentionally and strategically to help our clients innovate at speed. OpTeamizer broadens that value further by bringing deep high-performance computing experience to Deloitte's full stack AI capabilities and alliance ecosystem. We look forward to continuing to unlock new opportunities with AI and scaling our capabilities to help solve our clients' most complex business and AI challenges with the addition of the OpTeamizer team to our business.” 

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“The acquisition of OpTeamizer builds on Deloitte’s strategic alliance with NVIDIA and its commitment to investing in AI capabilities. Deloitte is scaling its AI offerings to support clients at every stage of their transformational journey, from developing AI strategies to implementing GenAI solutions that enhance productivity and deliver greater client impact.”  

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