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Introducing the Future of Smart City Management: The AI Platform by OpTeamizer and Adlis Smart

The future beckons us to work synergistically, harnessing the collective strengths of technology, innovation, and collaboration. This October at the Dubai Expo, we are thrilled to showcase the epitome of this synergy with the unveiling of the AI Platform developed by OpTeamizer in collaboration with Adlis Smart.

Pioneering Predictive Maintenance with AI Platform

OpTeamizer has seamlessly integrated cutting-edge AI algorithms into the AI Platform, setting a new benchmark in predictive maintenance capabilities. This innovation signifies technological advancement and a substantial leap towards smarter cities. The platform offers unparalleled insights through meticulous AI data analysis, significantly reducing maintenance costs and streamlining maintenance workflows.

Power and Performance Personified

The AI Platform isn't just any management system. It's the future of Smart City integrated AI management, a next-generation system fueled by the powerful NVIDIA Jetson. This ensures robust performance, seamless integration, and agility.

Unified Control of Adlis Smart Products

Adlis Smart has diverse products designed to transform our urban ecosystems. With the AI Platform, controlling and managing these smart products becomes an intuitive experience. Here's what the platform offers:

  • Location Integration: Know exactly where each smart product is situated.

  • Optimized navigation allows the maintenance team to efficiently reach smart city products that require attention, reducing both time and associated costs for logistics and staff hours.

  • Sensor Management: Stay updated on the condition and information of every sensor in real-time. Forecasting future possible needs in replacement or maintenance

  • Remote Control Capabilities: Directly manage displays and sensors from the platform, irrespective of your location.

  • Rich Analytics: Gain valuable insights on product usage, performance, and productivity.

  • Role-Based Team Network: Streamline operations by defining and managing roles within your team.

AI Platform: Proactive Maintenance Redefined

The AI platform is not only reactive but also proactive and predictive. It promptly alerts users when it anticipates or detects upcoming issues. But what truly sets it apart is its ability to connect with the maintenance team, pinpoint the exact location of the product needing attention, and even offer optimized navigation to get there swiftly.

OpTeamizer and Adlis Smart: Introducing AI Platform at Gitex Global 2023

To reinvent the future, collaboration is key. And the partnership between OpTeamizer and Adlis Smart epitomizes this. We invite you to witness this game-changing platform at the Dubai Expo. Let’s shape smarter cities together.

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