OpTeamizer provides the services of mentoring, consulting, GPU courses and implementation of projects where an expertise of accelerating applications performance is required, or where designing the architecture for such a system needs to be planned.

Software Optimization

CPU optimizations using SIMD SSE/AVX, parallel programming, usage of atomic commands, lock free data structures, etc.

Finding hotspots, detecting and analyzing of various types of bottlenecks.

GPU Development

Design, architect and implement new systems.

GPU optimizations of OpenCL code, supporting high memory bandwidth requirements and high compute efficiency.

GPU CUDA Course CUDA קורס See all courses

If you or your team needs to know CUDA in order to meet your goals, then OpTeamizer offers professional training in CUDA (NVIDIA GPUs) C/C++ and related topics.

For details see the course page or contact Tomer Gal at: +972-547-467477

Deep Learning Course Deep Learning קורס See all courses

Explore the fundamentals of deep learning by training neural networks and using models to improve performance and capabilities.

For details see the course page or contact Tomer Gal at: +972-547-467477