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OpTeamizer: Sharing NVIDIA DLI's Rich Knowledge Base - Your Springboard to Success in AI and Deep Learning

As a proud NVIDIA Deep Learning Institute (DLI) partner, OpTeamizer is privileged to provide courses and training. Our partnership allows us to offer comprehensive training solutions and professional services in Deep Learning and CUDA development. We accelerate application performance, enabling individuals, teams, and organizations to advance their knowledge in AI, accelerated computing, accelerated data science, graphics and simulation, and more.


Experience OpTeamizer - your key to unlocking innovative, high-quality solutions in embedded systems and edge computing. Our status as NVIDIA's Embedded Edge Preferred Partner underscores our unwavering commitment to driving excellence in technology solutions that cater to your unique needs. Expect superior performance, seamless integration of advanced AI technologies, and an edge over the competition, powered by our strategic collaboration with NVIDIA.



Our partnership is anchored by the CTO and Founder of OpTeamizer, Tomer Gal, an NVIDIA DLI University Ambassador and DLI-certified CUDA and Deep Learning course instructor. With over a decade of GPU development experience, Tomer has been sharing his deep knowledge and expertise in the high-tech industry and academia. Under his guidance, OpTeamizer is dedicated to making years of GPU development experience accessible to you and your team.

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Courses and Training

At OpTeamizer, in collaboration with NVIDIA's Deep Learning Institute (DLI), we grant you access to the frontlines of innovation in AI and accelerated computing. Our robust curriculum features courses such as the Fundamentals of Accelerated Computing with CUDA C/C++ and Python, Opteamizer's Deep Learning, and NVIDIA's Fundamentals of Deep Learning for Computer Vision.

OpTeamizer is not just offering training; we spearhead the evolution of AI and accelerated computing, empowering professionals to redefine the future. These courses are more than just education; they are a pathway to the advanced technologies of NVIDIA. Through our practical and immersive approach, we ensure you gain the mastery to harness these technologies and drive real-world solutions.

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In association with the NVIDIA Deep Learning Institute (DLI), we offer a structured certification program. Participants are awarded NVIDIA certifications upon completing our carefully curated courses. These credentials confirm the comprehensive understanding and assimilation of the respective course content and demonstrate their proficiency in AI and accelerated computing.


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