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Launching the AI Image Creation Competition

Updated: May 10, 2023

Win an RTX 3080 Ti

Attention all artists, designers, and creative enthusiasts! Are you ready to showcase your talent and creativity by leveraging the power of AI? Look no further, as we announce the AI art competition, where you can create stunning visuals and videos using any AI tool of your choice and get a chance to win a brand new RTX 3080 Ti.

The competition is open to all participants who can demonstrate their imaginative abilities with AI.

4 Steps to Enter the Competition:

  1. Like and share LinkedIn Post announcing the competition

  2. Create an AI-generated image using any AI tool, such as Midjourney, Stable Diffusion, DALL-E2 etc.

  3. Upload your AI-generated image in COMMENTS to the LinkedIn Post promoting the competition, mentioning the tool used for creating it and the image topic.

  4. Register for NVIDIA GTC for FREE by following this link.

How the Winner Will Be Chosen

The winner will be chosen by the number of the likes the AI-generated image gets. The winner will need to provide AI-generated prompt.

Competition Deadline

Submit your image by March 24, 2023. Winner announcement will follow shortly after.

This is an excellent opportunity to explore the potential of AI in your creative process and gain recognition for your skills. The winner will be selected based on the amount of likes their entry has received, and they will need to provide the prompt used to generate the AI art. The competition results will be announced on LinkedIn and the website shortly after the competition ends.

Artificial Intelligence has been rapidly transforming the world of creativity, particularly in the image and video creation. AI has made it possible to generate unique designs, create impactful ads, and produce compelling visual effects. Many artists have also started incorporating AI into their creative process, leading to a fusion of human and machine creativity.

AI-Generated Art Today

AI has also been instrumental in creating art. One artist, Anna Ridler, used the AI tool Stable Diffusion to develop a series of portraits. Stable Diffusion generated patterns and textures that Ridler incorporated into the final picture, resulting in a visually intriguing and stunning piece.

In video content creation, AI has generated impactful visual effects. One example is the music video for the song "Break Free" by Taryn Southern. The music was composed using Amper Music, an AI-based music composition tool, while the video was generated using the IBM Watson AI tool. The tool analyzed the song lyrics and developed a storyboard, which was then used to create the final video. The entire video was created using AI, from the music composition to the video editing.

Another example is the video "Infinite Patterns" by artist Refik Anadol. The video was created using an AI tool called DeepDream, which was trained on thousands of images to generate unique visual patterns. The tool was then used to create a mesmerizing and trippy video that has received widespread acclaim.

Refik Anadol is another artist who has been pushing the boundaries of what is possible with AI and technology in creating immersive experiences. His work uses vast datasets of nature, history, human activity, and art history to develop spatial designs that immerse the viewer in a world of information and data. One of Anadol's most well-known works is Machine Hallucination. The project includes a series of artworks that use AI to generate data paintings and sculptures. These works translate the logic of new media technology into spatial design, creating immersive experiences that allow viewers to explore complex datasets in a unique and visually stunning way.

These examples demonstrate the potential of AI in video creation and the endless possibilities that it presents. As AI tools and technologies continue to develop, we can expect to see more groundbreaking videos and films that leverage the power of AI to create truly unique and visually captivating content.

The AI art competition is an excellent opportunity to explore the potential of AI in your creative process, gain recognition for your skills, and get your hands on a brand new RTX 3080 Ti. So, get your creative juices flowing, leverage the power of AI, and create something extraordinary!

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