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This NVIDIA Deep Learning Institute (DLI) course is now available in Israel, by an NVIDIA DLI-certified instructor Tomer Gal, CTO at OpTeamizer Ltd, an official NVIDIA Preferred Partner.

Course Name:

Fundamentals of Deep Learning for Computer Vision.


1 day.

Upcoming Dates:

13-JAN-2019 , Tel Aviv

Course Description:

Fundamentals of Deep Learning for Computer Vision workshop hosted by NVIDIA DLI and OpTeamizer Ltd.
Explore the fundamentals of deep learning by training neural networks and using results to improve performance and capabilities.

In this course, you’ll learn the basics of deep learning by training and deploying neural networks. You’ll learn how to:

  • Implement common deep learning workflows, such as image classification and object detection
  • Experiment with data, training parameters, network structure, and other strategies to increase performance and capability
  • Deploy your neural networks to start solving real-world problems

Upon completion, you’ll be able to start solving problems on your own with deep learning.


Lunch included at Carlton Hotel.


Enroll to receive price and course information.

For registration:

Or contact us at: Tomer.Gal@OpTeamizer.co.il  | +972 (54) 746-7477
                                  Stavit.Suki@OpTeamizer.co.il  | +972 (54) 213-1337
                                  Office@OpTeamizer.co.il  | +972 (3)-953-3365


Eliezer Peri St 10 (Carlton Hotel), Tel Aviv, Israel



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