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jgabbayj asked 2 years ago

Hello, we need some clarifications about the final project,

  1. In the “Deep learning project-submission” post in the Moodle, it says “Choose the classification/segmentation task”, is that correct? Or is it supposed to be “object-detection” instead of “classification”?
  2. Are we required to work on a pre-trained model or can we train a model from scratch?
  3. Can the 2 datasets come from the same source?(E.g. 2 datasets from COCO)
  4. Can we train the model on a slice from each dataset or are we required to use the whole datasets?
  5. How many objects/classes is the model supposed to detect/classify?


The OpTeamizer Admin Staff replied 2 years ago

1. Classification
2. Both options are valid
3. No
4. You can use a specific chunk of data. However, I think it will degrade the model precision.
5. At least 5