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Sally Dabbah asked 2 years ago

I’m trying to read midi files (.mid), I found on GitHub this library which contains a lot of functions that allows to read, write and play midi files on Matlab ( it converts midi files to frequencies).
I uploaded a mid file , but the “Undefined variable PianoRollViewParser” error is showing every time I click Run.
I searched online and found another guy that made a similar library for web reading files.
And here he claimed that we should restart Matlab and Edit “classpath.txt” file. And I have to make sure to make the steps in the link: http://www.ee.columbia.edu/~csmit/karaoke_midi.html
I clicked on the link to download “KaraokeMidiJava.jar.” but a 404  error showed.

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Tomer Gal Staff answered 2 years ago

I suggest to check if you added the MIDI library to the MATLAB path.