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OpTeamizer was founded in 2015 by Tomer Gal, one of Israel’s leading AI experts, who participated in strategic developments at Intel Israel and General Electric Israel. Tomer, an M.Sc. in Computer Science in software optimization, is also a member of the Israel Innovation Authority, which evaluates grant applications by AI startups. He is also a lecturer in AI at the software engineering department of ORT Braude College of Engineering and NVIDIA certified lecturer for CUDA and Deep Learning.

In 2018, NVIDIA appointed OpTeamizer as its first service delivery partner in Israel and the Middle East. Following a successful and fruitful partnership, OpTeamizer is today accredited to train the industry on using NVIDIA’s GPU processors to accelerate system performance and perform AI development. The company is also a consulting services provider for companies that adopt GPU solutions when entering the world of AI.

OpTeamizer has enjoyed significant success, providing a range of training and consultation services to the R&D centers of over 90 Israeli companies and multinationals operating in the country. Its customers include defense systems, healthcare, inspection systems, and other hi-tech companies.

OpTeamizer currently employs 20 developers who focus on training developers at the R&D centers of organizations on NVIDIA’s development tools for the GPU environment. It also offers courses on CUDA C++, CUDA Python, CUDA for multiple GPUs, deep learning for computer vision, and deep learning for numerous data types.

OpTeamizer team is built to become an extension of yours. We diligently learn your product to engage your ideal customers, using formulas we’ve refined over the years. Your systems will be crafted by developers who regularly fetch applause from high-level decision makers, helping you benefit from our decades of growth experience.

OpTeamizer provides the services of mentoring, consulting and implementation of projects where an expertise of accelerating applications performance is required, or where designing the architecture for such a system needs to be planned.

Software optimization

CPU Optimizations using SIMD SSE/AVX, parallel programming. Usage of atomic commands, lock free data structures, etc. Finding hotspots, detecting and analyzing of various types of bottlenecks.

GPU Development:

Design, architect and implement new systems. GPU optimizations of CUDA or OpenCL code, supporting high memory bandwidth requirements and high compute efficiency.

Contact Us

We invite you to chat with our team and hear our ideas for sourcing your next featured customers. We’ll take 30 minutes to learn about your business and share how your team can control its own growth. You can pick a time here on our calendar to learn our approach and plan out your next biggest wins.

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